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Here’s some of our favorite holiday things we’ll be enjoying over Christmas weekend….

the twinkle of Christmas lights.
cuddling with loved ones.
small meaningful gifts.
styling the Christmas tree.
homemade hot chocolate.
bundling up with a blanket and cozy socks.

Merry Christmas from the Cultured Blog! We hope you’re Christmas is full of your favorite holiday things!!

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It appears that the cluster of studs and glitter looks good on any garment!


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Here’s a list of some of my favorite socially conscious gift ideas!

1. The Bella Hat by Krochet Kids (This hat is helping to empower and employ the people of Uganda) 2. Cranberry Joy Hand Cream from The Body Shop (They help raise funds and awareness for many social issues such as human trafficking) 3. Thatcher Sunglasses from Warby Parker (They partner with groups around the world to make eyewear something everyone can have access to) 4. Toxic Charity by Robert D. Lupton (This is an AMAZING book bringing attention to the reality that without follow-up and research we may be hurting those we try and help) 5. Transit Issue Table Candle from Apolis Global (They seek to empower people through opportunity rather than charity and use a hands on model called “advocacy through industry”) 6. Hammered Brass Cuffs by Kora 7. Kiva Gift Card (Kiva believes poverty can be alleviated through the giving of small loans and provides people all over the world the chance to give loans to individuals without access to traditional banking systems) 8. Transit Issue Ipad Case from Apolis Global 

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I’m all about throwing on my favorite jeans, a pair of flats and my black leather jacket but some days I’m just in the mood to go all out girly and dress up a little. I think this outfit is just so adorable and would be the perfect ensemble for a Christmas time date or to a holiday family gathering!

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