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I realized we have very few “family photo’s” compared to all the ones Jake and I have together or ones we have of just Porter so I’m trying to take more-this was us in Florida.
Seeing lots of sunrises these days thanks to P. :)
Remembering the beautiful Maasai people from Blake’s trip to Africa a little while back.
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Porter’s 6 months old now and so much fun. Her little personality is starting to form and she’s surprising me with her spunk and girly screams. :) And like I thought, dressing her is getting more and more fun the older she gets. There are a lot more options the older they get and her clothes are starting to look like miniature adult clothes instead of “baby clothes”. Read more…

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This collaboration is very near & dear to my heart. In 2007, I had the opportunity to travel to Kenya, Africa & meet the beautiful Maasai people. With intricately adorned bodies & friendly smiles, the Maasai people are rich in culture & community, and I truly fell in love. So, when I saw this collaboration with footwear line Pikolinos, as you can imagine, I instantly felt connected.

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Kale has become one of my favorite greens… it’s super rich in antioxidant vitamins like A, C & K and is high in iron, calcium and fiber. I put it in smoothies, salads, chips… you name it and I try to find a way to incorporate this super food. This salad is my go to these days and the dressing… sigh… is the best thing ever!  Read more…

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