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Credit (Images: Oh Happy Day)

Because is there really anything cuter than dressing your little one up as your favorite fashion icon?

Have a safe & fun filled Happy Halloween!

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Honey & Bloom is an awesome design company located in the heart of San Francisco. The company was founded in 2008 by Becky Hui Chan, mother of 2, designer and entrepreneur. I love how thoughtful, simple and colorful her design aesthetic is. I think her poster prints are my favorite, but I also love these little Christmas Cards and just might have to use them this holiday season. With an impressive resume including Art Director for ReadyMade and Wired Magazine, she has definitely earned her way to owning and running her own killer design company. From her lifestyle to product creation, it’s clear Chan has learned the difficult act of balance. Honey & Bloom is definitely a brand to keep in mind for special, handmade gifts this Christmas season!

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Roasted Fall Vegetable + Ricotta Pizza

People seem to have varied emotions when it comes to Pinterest. Most of my friends either love it or hate it, I happen to be one that for the most part, loves it. I find it inspiring (if you follow the right people) and a really great resource for organizing everything from inspiration for a project I’m working on to recipes I want to try. So on that note, I’m sharing with you guys 4 Pinterest Recipe Successes. I think we’ve all had DIY’s or recipes that have not delivered the “super easy” results the instructions promised but these are tried and true, absolutely delicious recipes. They’re all vegetarian and pretty appropriate for the Fall season.

This Roasted Fall Vegetable + Ricotta Pizza is SO SO good. Slightly healthy comfort food at its best. Jake actually made this for us last weekend for a little at home date night we had. The recipe is super easy to make, all you do is roast a bunch of veggies and put them on top of store bought pizza dough.

TIP: If you’re only making 1 pizza you only need half of the amount of veggies the recipe calls for. We made all 6 cups and had TONS left over.


Pan-Seared Brussels Sprouts with Cranberries + Pecans

Between entertaining with this recipe and making it for us at home I’ve probably made this about 6 times since finding the recipe a few months ago. It is soooo good. Like I eat this as an entree because a small side portion isn’t enough. This recipe really does take about 15 minutes from prep to cooking to make and it only has 7 ingredients. This is a perfect Fall side dish.

TIP: I left out the barley every time I make it and don’t think it’s lacking at all. I also just mix in dried cranberries because I always have a bag in the fridge once the brussels sprouts are made instead of using fresh cranberries.


Herb + Mozzarella Mushroom with Garlic Toasts

Ok I’ve only made this recipe once because lets be honest, it’s not exactly the healthiest of choicest, BUT it is loaded with cheese making it absolutely amazing and the perfect thing for a night when you just want to indulge a little or to serve as an appetizer at a holiday party. This one’s also easy to make and is as delicious as it looks. I followed this recipe exactly as it is.



Roasted Zucchini, Black Bean + Goat Cheese Enchiladas

Roasted Zucchini, Black Bean + Goat Cheese Enchiladas…You guys need to try this recipe. This is another dish that I’ve entertained with, brought to a friend who just had a baby and made for us at home several times. Between making it so many times and it being such a simple and easy recipe, I now know it by heart. All you need are: tortillas, black beans, zucchini, red onion, Trader Joe’s Enchilada Sauce and goat cheese. This is a little spin on traditional mexican and a staple meal in our house!

TIP: Taking the extra time to char both sides of the tortilla in a pan over medium high heat is really worth it. It makes the tortilla’s more durable and keeps them nice and chewy instead of getting soggy.

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We’ve had a fun & crazy last couple of weeks… here’s a few shots from our days!

Getting into the fall festivities with a little pumpkin picking.
Porter’s birthday breakfast. She loves pancakes… my kinda girl!
Dana’s new favorite way to make coffee which we are needing a lot of these days.
Our dear new friend, Claudia, working her magic for our Fall 2013 Trend photoshoot.
Joe & I finally finished registering… his favorite pick was of course the “pee party” wee blocker!
Porter doing some modeling for one of our favorite how to wear it kid’s edition… baby style harem pants!
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