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First designed by Air Force One for use in flight in the 1950’s, the always classic bomber jacket is back in in a major way for fall! Their functional yet fashionable design has really stuck, showing huge popularity in many different seasons of fashion. This year, one of the fun plays on the classic jacket is the oversized bomber, it’s extra long and gives a menswear feel (really wanting this one from Zara). Bomber Jackets are showing up everywhere and in tons of Fall 2014 lookbooks styled in fresh and unexpected ways. The bomber jacket is a definite must for the season!

1. Short Padded Bomber Jacket 2. Bomber Jacket II Black Shimmer 3. Marigold Bomber Jacket 4. Floral Bomber Jacket

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Fall has officially set in here and we are loving the change of season in every sense of the word. With new challenges come lessons and new experiences and we are soaking in what each day brings. Here’s a recap of what our days have looked like the past couple of weeks…

1. Our hero of all moms, Dana, tackled a weekend of potty training with Porter and made the best of it with a baking session in between potty breaks.
2. I celebrated the pending arrival of a sweet friend’s baby #2.
3. Jet’s favorite activity these days is swinging at the park. It’s a great reason to get out of the house and enjoy the fall weather.
4. Ruby turned one month old!!!
5. Dana shared her current work music playlist on the blog. There are some great tunes you definitely want on your iPhone.
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I know it’s a little late to be talking backpacks as most kids have already started school or play groups or whatever type of childcare and schooling your kid is in. But, because of Ruby coming right in the middle of most things starting up, we’re just figuring out our childcare situation and I’ve been looking for a cute, small backpack to send with Porter. I actually just ordered this one from Zara and loving all these other kid-friendly options!

1. Kitty Cat Backpack 2. Animal Print Backpack 3. Yellow Leopard Schoolbag 4. Kids Nylon Cordura School bag

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