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Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!! We hope you guys have the best day with friends and family!

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Creating a warm, inviting table is one of my favorite parts of any holiday dinner. Decorating a table, however, can be an overwhelming task on top of managing the menu, cleaning the house, and wrangling the family. So my biggest tip is to keep it simple. Use what you have in your home or garden… you’ll be surprised at how much you can find just around the house. Here are a few of my favorite tablescape ideas for the holiday.

Above: Minimalist – using simple twigs from the yard with herbs is a super simple but elegant way to set a table. Keeping the dishware clean and white dresses the table up with a more modern yet homey feel.


Whimsical – I love anything whimsical on a table… controlled chaos with twigs and shrubbery. Pull from your yard and even frig for items like artichokes and cabbage.


Foliage & Fruit – my dad used to “borrow” magnolia from the neighbors yard every year for our holiday decor. Don’t be afraid to ask your neighbor for a couple branches if you see something that might work well on your table. They will more than likely be happy to oblige. Magnolia leaves are a beautiful addition to any table, and the large scale leaf will fill up the table easily. Mixed with fruit like pomegranate or oranges makes for an elegant holiday ready table.


Modern Pumpkin – if you have pumpkins laying around the house from Halloween, don’t be afraid to use them on your table. The white ones are a modern addition to your table. And if you have the time you can even paint your orange ones white or bring in gold touches to your white ones. Add in a few vases of flowers and clean, crisp linens for a modern touch to your table.


Plaid and Pinecones – I love plaid at a table, and bringing in a runner is the perfect way to incorporate a textile. Pull pinecones in from your yard and grab a few sprigs of garland and you have a cozy table. I love incorporating candles into a table as well, especially if you’re having a Thanksgiving evening dinner instead of lunch.

(Images:, The Sweetest Occasion, Apartment 34, Homey Oh My Blog, Pinterest)

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As you can tell, life for Blake and I right now is pretty much exclusively time with our babes and we are so thankful for that. The days can be long and exhausting, but so packed full of joy and satisfaction. Here’s what the past few weeks have looked like!

Porter’s imagination is developing so much right now and it’s so sweet to watch.
Blake’s gorg Christmas tree is up! We can’t wait for the Christmas season!
Little Jack, living for the outdoors.
A little family pic at the doctor’s office for Jack’s 9 month check up.
Mealtime in just a diaper, the only way to go.  Read more…

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I can’t believe Thanksgiving is already upon us! It’s one of my favorite days of the year… spent with family and friends and so much good food! What could be better?! I don’t think, however, that you have to use a gallon of butter and sugar to make a dish delish. I firmly believe a dish can be healthy and super tasty all at the same time. Here are a few of my favorite healthy, easy delicious sides to try this Thanksgiving.

1. Roast Pumpkin with Feta & Honey 2. Winter Salad 3. Roasted Pumpkin, Feta & Quinoa Salad 4. Poblano Cornbread Stuffing 5. Butternut Squash Cranberry Sorghum Salad 6. Kale Salad with Quinoa, Avocado & Asparagus 7. Roasted Acorn Squash Stuffed with Fennel, Farro, Goat Cheese & Spinach

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