Blake and Dana

cul·tured /`kelCHerd/

derived from the word cultivate: to promote or improve the growth of – to develop or improve.

CULTURED. is an Atlanta based blog born out of a love of fashion & a love for people. The CULTURED. Blog is an inside look into the lives of two girls with a desire of being part of something bigger. Whether it’s highlighting brands that are giving back, or providing healthy recipes for your family to try, our hope is that each visitor of CULTURED. Blog will leave inspired & informed.

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Dana LeBoeuf

I’m Dana, a wife, mom, vegetarian, social activist and founder of CULTURED. I love fashion but care just as much about bringing justice to the world. My days are spent taking care of my 7 month old, blogging, exploring Atlanta & finding ways to give back & help those less fortunate.  Traveling is kind of a hobby and probably my biggest source of inspiration. If I’m not trying to do about 10 things at once I’m probably sick or something. I live in Atlanta, GA with my incredible husband Jake and my little girl Porter Grey.



I’m Blake & the second half of CULTURED. I live in the suburbs just north of Atlanta with my husband of almost 3 years and son, Jack. I love creating new things, whether it’s crafting a DIY project, or attempting a new gourmet recipe – life is at its best when my hands are a little dirty. I see every day as a new chance to be inspired – whether it’s through visiting a new city, a latest fashion trend, or a conversation with an old friend – a lover of beautiful things – that is me.

* Photos by Morgan Blake