cultured. - How To Wear It: Mixed Prints Baby Style

One of my favorite trends is mixing prints. It’s a fun way to add color or texture to an outfit, and a perfect trend to incorporate in to your littles’ ensemble. Mixing prints does, however, take some thought and intentionality as it can sometimes go array. When mixing prints there are a few key tips to follow: keep the overall palette of prints similar and think geometric. Stripes are the neutral of prints and can be easily paired with another print. Scale is also key. Pair a larger scale print with a smaller, more subdued print to avoid an overwhelming overall look. Mixing prints is such a fun way to dress your little and bring in color and shapes without them looking too babyish.

1. Hi Top Sneakers 2. Denim Bow 3. Beanie 4. Slip On Sneakers 5. Leggings 6. Stripes and tiger tee 7. Trousers (similar) 8. Stripe Tee

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