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With the weather being as pretty as it is right now – before the humidity sets in completely for the rest of the summer – we are spending a ton of time outside at the park. It’s a great place to meet for play dates, get some exercise with a long walk, or just hang out as a family. I’ve never been much of a park person because we always went straight to the beach growing up, but I’ve learned to love it. Afternoon picnics have become a favorite family outing on the weekends, so I’ve quickly learned the essentials for packing a perfect picnic. Here are a few tips and must haves for packing a tasty and practical picnic for your next outing.

Must Haves

1. Garden Umbrella 2. Mason Jar Sippers 3. Napkins 4. Bamboo Picnic Bowls 5. Wooden Picnic Flatware 6. Universal Bottle Opener 7. Umbrella Picnic Blanket 8. Picnic Basket


1. Pack your salads, dressings, and sides in handy containers like these. They are super sturdy and will prevent any spillage in your basket.
2. Pack your cooler in the order of things eaten first up top so you don’t have to go digging around to have the random salad dressing you packed at the very bottom
3. Pack your drinks separately to lighten the load of your basket.
4. Don’t forget the extras like sunscreen, insect repellant, salt & pepper, extra storage for any leftovers and wet wipes for clean up.


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