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Jet’s 1st birthday party is this weekend, and as much as I fought planning it around a theme, I just couldn’t help myself and caved for a Pow Wow Party! A homemade teepee is our gift to Jet and so it made total sense in my over-achieving brain to create a whole party around it. So that means lots of DIY projects. When it comes to DIY I want it to be as easy and cost efficient as possible. So, I landed on these adorable pow wow appropriate feather headdresses for the kids to play with and take home as their favor. There are just a few steps and all you really need is a glue gun and few materials, so it’s totally doable in a pinch and on a budget.



Felt fabric sheets in choice colors
Glue gun
Feathers (Joann’s has great options or all size and color)



1. Cut felt into narrow strips approximately 12 inches long.


2. Cut felt into desired shapes for decorative accent on headband.
3. Glue decorative shapes onto felt strips.


4. Glue feathers of choice approximately 2 inches in from end of felt strip.
5. Cut and glue small felt strip over feather for finishing.


6. Measure and cut 6 inches of elastic band.
7. Glue elastic on either end of felt strip.


8. Play dress up!

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With the holidays right around the corner, there are so many DIY projects out there to make your home cozy and season appropriate. From homemade Halloween costumes to Christmas wreaths and everything in between, places like Pinterest are overrun with ideas that can honestly get a bit overwhelming. So, we did some research and have listed 5 of our favorite DIY projects for the fall.

1. Fall Leaf Mobile 2. Gold Tip Feather Garland 3. Painted Doormat 4. Gold-Dipped Log Candleholders 5. Fall Potpourri

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The holidays are a great chance to try that DIY project you’ve been eying. Nothing says thoughtful more than a homemade gift. DIY gifts are also super budget friendly and can be created in bulk. I love to give them to co-workers or a group of girlfriends. Here are a few I’m looking forward to trying this season.

1. Homemade Lip Balm 2. Gold Leaf Paper Mache Bowls 3. Etched Wooden Spoons 4. Homemade Spice Blend 5. Polka Dot Napkins 6. Coffee & Lavender Sugar Body Scrub

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Creating a beautiful table for the holidays doesn’t have to be crazy expensive or time consuming. In deciding what kind of tablescape best suits your gathering, there are some things to consider: the time of day your event is taking place, guests attending, food being served, etc. Once you’ve determined those details, decide on what kind of look and feel you want your guests to experience. You want to do everything you can to create a cohesive dinner experience for your friends and family so being sure not to over or under dress your table is a must. We’ve created 2 totally different centerpiece’s to suit the style of your occasion and both are under $75. We didn’t special order anything or get stuff online, everything was purchased locally here in Atlanta from easy to access stores like Hobby Lobby, a local florist, West Elm, Trader Joe’s and a few others.  Both of these tablescapes really are very approachable and could be pulled off in a short time frame. Not assuming you guys are procrastinators like us or anything……..So, here are our tablescapes 2 ways!

Elegant Bohemian


This tablescape is for the more elegant, formal dinner occasion. With a whimsical, boho feel this look will give your dinner an almost enchanted feel. This tablescape took 3 stops, a trip to a local antique store, florist and a craft store and about 30-45 minutes to assemble. Here’s the shopping list:

1-2 sets of non-mounted antlers
3 bags of moss, we got ours here
2 tall candles and holders
3 blocks of floral foam, brick sized
flowers (we used in season greenery, like Euca with pops of deep red peonies)
2 small fur throws


Be sure and soak your floral foam over night for best results and begin your centerpiece by starting with the main flowers in your display (ex. for ours it was the red peonies and white flowers) and keep them in a fairly close together bunch, then add in the greenery.
We got the glass plates from Target for just a few bucks a plate and the white dinner napkins from World Market, a set of 6 for $10.

Rustic Casual


This tablescape is great for your holiday brunch, lunch or casual dinner. It’s a very approachable, effortless look, and most items can be found in your garden or refrigerator. This look took only a few minutes to put together and here’s the what and how we did it:

White pumpkins in various sizes and shapes
3 artichokes
2 bunches of kale
3 heads of cabbage flower
In season greenery like Euca
Baking sheet
Table runner


We used a baking sheet to arrange the items. A tray or small tin basket would work well too and you can easily scale it to the size of your table.
A great place to find pumpkins, especially white or green ones, after Halloween is at a farmer’s market. They are also much more affordable… we only spent $10 total on the ones we used here.
We found the best way to arrange this look is to start with the bigger items, like the pumpkins, and then fill in with the smaller items.
A table runner is a great way to finish off the entire table and pull the whole look together. We recommend keeping the runner in a more casual fabric to marry well with the rustic style.

Photography: Morgan Blake

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