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I’m definitely not a big pink girl, but I’ve been seeing this perfect shade of rose everywhere for the littles this fall and can’t get enough of it. It’s the perfect soft, yet stylish and fresh color for the early winter days!

1. Cable Knit Pom-Pom Beanie 2. Fur Waistcoat 3. Kitten Socks 4. Mary Sweatshirt 5. Skinny Jeans 6. Baby Perforated Oxfords


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Scout & Catalogue was started by Breanna Musgrove who designs and all of their hand dyed goods. The business is Vancouver based and all of their materials are locally sourced, and items hand dyed in their studio. She gains her inspiration from time in Mexico and their boho beach culture. I love the quality of Read more…

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Our family vacation is just a couple weeks away and during our week at the beach, we’ll have family pictures taken with my side of the family. I’m excited because this will be our first pictures as a family since Jet’s arrival. When coordinating family pictures, especially with extended family, the biggest struggle can be figuring out what to wear. Everyone has different ideas of what will work, and not everyone has the best taste, so it’s hard to land on an agreement of what works best. I’m a huge fan for going the more natural route and not being too matchy matchy… not a fan of everyone in a white shirt and khaki on the beach. So here are a few tips and ideas of what to wear to family pictures.


1. Feel comfortable: The biggest tip for family pictures is to pick something you would normally wear and feel comfortable in. This is not the time to buy an entire outfit you wouldn’t necessarily wear on an everyday occasion. Wear something that’s you. These are pictures you’re going to be looking at for years to come and you don’t want to be thinking, “what was I thinking?”

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Finding something to wear a few weeks after having a baby is SO hard. You don’t really fit into your maternity clothes anymore, and don’t quite fit into your pre-pregnancy clothes yet either. So, you’re left with few options and already feeling uncomfortable in your post baby body. I think there are a few things to focus on when tackling the task of dressing postpartum. The first, is that even though we all have high hopes of squeezing back into our pre-pregnancy jeans, it may take a little longer that you think and that’s totally ok. So, go ahead and invest in just a few outfits that you feel good in and that will work for those awkward, early post baby days. The second thing, buy loose fitting and elastic waisted things. This way you’ll be comfortable while you’re body is still getting back to it’s pre-baby size and the chances are good that the clothes will still fit you the right way once you are back to your pre-baby self. Lastly, don’t get too trendy. Stick with clothes that are flattering, great quality and of course, that you feel great in. In the midst of such crazy, sleepless days, this isn’t the time to try out all the new trends and take fashion risks, focus simply on feeling good and looking put together. If you’re anything like me, that will be a challenge enough. :) Here are some looks I plan on trying out post baby that I think have a good chance of passing the test of what to wear postpartum!

Trouser Pants (above)

I pretty much lived in these during this pregnancy and I think they’ll work great post baby as well. The waist is elastic and very forgiving, and most trouser pants and super flattering compared to something like skinnies.

Trousers with Front Pleats / Denim Tencel Jogger


Tunic Dress

These dresses are totally in for this summer to fall transition. I think the length is just perfect for a time when you have little ones to chase around and a floor covered in toys to clean up.

Silk T-Shirt Dress with Trompe L’Oeil Plleat Print / Long Tunic



If you find the right jumpsuit for your height and size, they are SO flattering. Most are very forgiving around the mid-section and you’ll probably be able to wear a size that will also fit you once your totally back to your pre-baby body.

White Jumpsuit / Tapered Jumpsuit

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