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I can’t believe it’s almost Easter. The weather has been so weird this year that my timeframe for holidays, etc is way off. So, when I realized Easter is in less than 2 weeks, I’ve been scrambling a little bit to get some festive treats together for the girls. Here are some things I found and really liked and, several of them will ship for free!
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If you’re valentine is anything like mine, than a homemade sweet treat is the perfect gift. And lucky for us, a gift that can be pulled off pretty last minute! Here are some festive and tasty recipes in case you need a last minute gift for someone you love (or yourself :). Happy Valentine’s everyone!!

Homemade Ice Cream Cookie Sandwiches


Sweet Raspberry and Tahini Filled Butter Cookies


Raspberry Mousse Meringue Hearts


Conversation Heart Brownies

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I know people have mixed feelings about Valentine’s day, actually now that I’m thinking about it, I do too! I love the idea of celebrating the one you love, on a certain day and doing special things for each other. But I hate the stereotypical flower, roses and teddy Read more…

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When it comes to thinking about the New Year, I know I’m not alone in wanting to clean up my diet and step up my workout game. For me, one of the biggest things that helps in making a diet change or getting to the gym more often is inspiration. Shopping at a healthy grocery store or hearing a friend talk about their new favorite work out routine reminds me of how good I feel when I eat healthy and work out. So, from movies, to articles, to my favorite healthy eating blog, here’s a little round up of some things that are motivating me to eat healthier and work out more in 2015!

1. Fed Up- I have learned so much from this documentary about how to read labels and the dangers of the average American’s sugar loaded diet. 2. Oh She Glows- This is a vegan blog that I love, here’s one of my favorite recipes. 3. 13 Mental Health Benefits of Working Out- I love hearing how exercise helps with things like depression and anxiety. This is a great article about several amazing mental benefits to working out. 4. Karli Kloss On How to Work Out While Traveling- Inside tips from a supermodel. 5. ‘The Biggest Loser Contestants': Did They Keep Off the Weight? – This article by Huffington Post introduces a series Oprah did following contestants from the Biggest Loser. One of the former contestants said she got pregnant once the show was over after struggling with infertility for 12 years.

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