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Spring Break is the one week out of the year I wish I was back in college and could leave all responsibilities to escape for a week at the beach. Right as winter is finally letting up is when I crave sunshine and salty air more than anything. But since I can’t exactly leave my day job… which these days is taking care of my 5 week old and adjusting to life as a mom… I have resorted to internet shopping for those essentials I’ll need this summer and, of course, counting down the days until I can actually use them. But, for those of you who can sneak away for some R&R here are a few of my current favorite “spring break essentials”.

1. Sleeveless Rash guard 2. Playsuit 3. Striped Beach Towel 4. Sunscreen 5. Swim Bag 6. Villa Sandal 7. Sunglasses

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Ashley married my brother 7 years ago and she has been the greatest addition to our family. She couldn’t be more perfect for my brother and brings a fun spirited, light hearted presence to our crazy family. Ashley has taken ballet since she was 3 and then taught ballet for several years. So eating healthy and being active have long been a part of Ashley’s life but in the past few years, her and my brother have started a mostly vegan diet and really focusing on being healthy for each other and now their new son Barrett. Ashley Read more…

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I’m so excited to announce our first series on CULTURED. Blog! We’re doing a 4-week Healthy Living series where we’ve interview different women who have worked hard to achieve the difficult balance of the busy lifestyle that accompanies motherhood, and keeping focused on living healthy and taking good care of your body. Check back on Friday’s for our latest feature!

Jordan is one of the first people who came to mind when we were thinking about doing this series. I know Jordan from my time living in Orlando and even before I knew her very well, I knew she was Read more…

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Jack Everett Thibodeau “JET” entered the world on 2.22.14 at 5:35 PM. I instantly fell in love with all 7 lbs 6 oz and 20.5 inches long of him and felt an immediate bond to this little bundle I had prayed for and carried for 41 weeks. Yes, 41 weeks… Jet decided to take his time entering the world through the entire pregnancy and labor process. My birth story, my midwife later told me, was a very “typical” first pregnancy, but for me I went in not knowing what to expect, but somehow it going completely differently than I thought…
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