cultured. - A Collaboration: Apolis and Nepal, Bangladesh, Uganda

I am SO impressed with this org and their FABULOUS menswear!!!  It is not everyday that you come across an organization like this one.  From their apparel to social activism, Apolis is doing everything with excellence.  They promote their concept of being a global citizen and encourage everyone to get involved!  Contributing to this idea through the creation of well-made, stylish menswear Apolis offers lasting jobs for some of the world’s most vulnerable in a completely fair environment.  I’ve featured my favorite piece in the current collection, the Waxed Canvas Anorak which is not only super sharp and classy but also seriously durable and practical for a variety of weather conditions.  From ties to tees Apolis doesn’t have a shortage of amazing menswear pieces. And their website is full of inspiring stories and great resources on how to get involved in stopping injustice.  Another super rad thing about Apolis is their featured photostory’s.  For each item they make they share a story to go along with it like this one!  My hubby is definitely going to be sporting some Apolis wear in the near future! :)

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