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My friend Dana is an amazing women who started an amazing business, Other People’s Property.  Beside carrying vintage clothing amazingness (you can check out her full shop here), I absolutely love what Dana is doing with OPP because she has committed to running a business that gives back to communities around the world in a foundational way.  OPP believes in giving generously to non-profs and sustainable communities in from the funds they make.  They are also working to educate and provide resources for consumers to recycle their clothing and reduce the crazy amount of waste we create everyday. Pretty awesome. Dana is showing the world it’s possible to be socially conscious, extremely generous and still, seriously fashionable.

Hear more from Dana about all the awesomeness going on at OPP and check out this video of Dana in action! :)

What was your initial inspiration to start OPP?

Well to be honest, it was started in confusion (for me at least). I really love people, I REALLY love fashion/creativity & I love missions and building into sustainable communities. So I didn’t really know how to merge the three, thus OPP was formed. It was something that gave me an opportunity to be working in fashion, work with people (often in a one-on-one scenario), and give to things that are making this world a better place to be.

What were key steps that took OPP from an idea to an actual functioning business?

A lot of hard work. I started this with friend and we just loved selling vintage clothing, helping people reduce how many NEW items they bought and creating revenue streams for giving. We wanted to see if it caught on, and it did. From there we had to set up some systems of inventory, learn how to keep tracks of sales, and get business licenses. After that we focused on how to get our name our there in Orlando and on Etsy!

Can you tell us a little bit about the “Swap and Shop” events you host and why you think they’ve been successful?

The Swaps have been an incredibly exciting phenomenon. We thought of all the items that just sit in our clothes month after month, getting no wear. The idea of a clothing Swap isn’t exactly brand new, but we didn’t know of anyone that was doing that in Orlando. So we thought we could see if people would be interested in this concept. It started out of my house and quickly out grew out of that. I believe we have put on 12 Swaps so far, one every three months. At our last Swap we had had over 125 people attend. It helps utilize clothes that are already out there, keeping materials out of landfills and again helping people buy less brand new items. Also who doesn’t like to get “new to you” for next to nothing. Plus everything that doesn’t get taken goes to BETA Center (a home for Teenage moms,) Dress for Success and homeless ministries around Orlando.

We absolutely LOVE that you give so much of your profits to organizations such as Charity: Water. What made you decide to do that?

Well it goes back to believing in and building into sustainable communities. There isn’t a day that goes by that I am not aware that I live in luxury. And by luxury I mean that I have food to eat everyday, water comes out of my faucet when I need it and my life is not in danger. I feel a lot of Americans forget this fact. Charity: Water is a huge passion of mine because I can’t fathom how to live without water and the fact that so many go without this simple necessity is crazy. I am also so impressed with their business (how they do everything on the up and up) and their marketing is second to none.

What fuels your passion for clothing, fashion, style, etc on a daily basis?

I just love creativity and it is outlet for me. I think how you present yourself is very important. I am SO inspired by the people/community I live in. I am blown away by the beauty of the Creator that designs nature. I am amazed every Fashion Week at the new and inventive ways that people are designing/styling things. Fashion is ever changing. It gives something to look forward to. I think it brings beauty to the mundane.

What is your favorite fashion trend right now?

To be certain, long maxi skirts or dresses. Anything super comfortable that grazes the ground. Yes Please. And loading on bangles is a must.

OPP Credits:
Wardrobe: Other Peoples Property –
Stylist: Dana Marie Roquemore –
Photographer: Andreyna Sanchez –
Hair: Cathy Botero
MUA: Jenna Lynn Sasso –
Model: Adriana Giselle Milbrath
Video: John Gordon –

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