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I’m so excited to announce our first series on CULTURED. Blog! We’re doing a 4-week Healthy Living series where we’ve interview different women who have worked hard to achieve the difficult balance of the busy lifestyle that accompanies motherhood, and keeping focused on living healthy and taking good care of your body. Check back on Friday’s for our latest feature!

Jordan is one of the first people who came to mind when we were thinking about doing this series. I know Jordan from my time living in Orlando and even before I knew her very well, I knew she was health conscious and active from her ripped, Kelly Ripa like arms. Jordan has been a dancer for many years of her life so exercise and being active became a habit at a young age. Jordan is now pregnant with her first baby (she’s due any day now!!) and learning to navigate for herself how to balance a healthy lifestyle with some of the challenges that come along with being pregnant. With a holistic approach to eating, Jordan tries to eat well-balanced, low carb and organic meals.

She is just one of those people that is a natural encourager so when I heard about this thing she started in Orlando called Bikini Body Bootcamp and how everyone I knew was going to it, I wasn’t at all surprised.  Jordan is also a certified YogaFit and Piyo instructor so her knowledge of fitness mixed with her inviting and encouraging demeanor drew tons of women to these weekly workouts. I know I would have joined if I was still in Orlando! Oh and she also used her third trimester to complete her Personal Trainer certification. I can’t say I was doing that in my third trimester! So she is quite the fitness guru as you can tell and has so many helpful tips around balance, making health conscious choices and taking care of your body. Hope you guys enjoy the interview!

Can you briefly describe your diet? How long have you eaten this way?
My diet has almost totally transformed in the last 3 or 4 years.  I have long been blessed with a fast metabolism, but noticed as I reached my mid-twenties that those types of blessings can quickly slip away if you’re not careful. Luckily for me, it was at about the same time that I started dating my now  husband.  He is a lover of all things green and healthy and definitely rubbed off on me as we dated.  We try to eat as much organic produce as possible, very few carbs, lean protein (chicken, fish, and the occasional turkey), and lots of Greek yogurt.  I also love to sprinkle my meals with superfood textures like chia and flax seeds!

What are some quick tips you can give us for healthy eating on the go?
Be prepared! One of my favorite things about road trips these days is facing the challenge of what to eat on the road. It’s amazing how much better you feel when you pack a smaller cooler with easy snacks like carrots, coconut water, and almonds.  

What are some tips you can give us on eating healthy when traveling?
I’d say this is a continuation of my answer above. The more prepared you are when you travel, the better choices you’ll make, and the better you’ll feel when you’re away from home. Research your destination and have a couple options tucked in your back pocket so you don’t make irrational, hungry decisions in an unknown land. This can mean knowing which quick service options are in your layover terminal as well as the best, affordable fancy dinner in the city you’re visiting. Oh, and don’t forget that grocery stores exist while traveling as well. I love finding a local Whole Foods (or something similar) when I’m on the road.  

What is your biggest inspiration to working hard to maintain a healthy lifestyle?
For the longest time, my inspiration for healthy living was just for me; to feel good in my own skin. However, after getting married and especially now that I’m pregnant, there’s a bigger reason for living a healthy life. I never want feeling sluggish to prevent me from spending quality time with my loved ones.  As I mentioned, my husband has a natural bent toward healthy living, so learning from him and growing our family in that vein is something that brings me so much joy.

What is your all time favorite healthy recipe?
THIS Warm Sweet Potato and Black Bean Salad recipe from Oh She Glows! The sweetness of the sweet potatoes mixed with the cilantro-lime tang of the black bean mixture is to die for! 

We all splurge, how to do handle “splurge” meals, events out, weekends etc?
My thoughts on splurging are pretty simple: if you’re going to splurge, splurge. And don’t feel bad for it later. Try your best to make it an irregular occurrence, but don’t beat yourself up when you’re less-than-perfect. In my opinion, emotionally unhealthy habits are just as bad as physical ones, so learn what you can from slip ups and move on!

What have you found the biggest challenge to be in maintaining a healthy diet during pregnancy?
For me, the biggest challenge in maintaining a healthy diet while pregnant has been adjusting to the constant roller coaster of hormone-induced unpredictability. I haven’t had your typical pregnancy cravings, but my first trimester left me longing for the whitest, most bland carbs and revolted by anything salads had to offer. The second trimester was a glorious time where ALL I wanted were big, fresh salads and fresh, homemade smoothies…or just handfuls of frozen berries. Now that I’m in my third trimester though, it seems as if I bobble back and forth between the two. Each day is different, but I am consistently more hungry now than ever. Oh, and this would be a great time to mention that I pretty much need Chick-fil-a once a week. There is something in that chicken that just sets the world right. 

What’s the number one tip around eating healthy you’d give mommas to be?
I think I have to go back to being prepared. I find that I feel so much better when I have healthy snack options readily available. If I can grab some apple slices with natural, unsalted peanut butter, I am one happy camper! Better yet, if there are some strawberries lying around, you’ll find me at the bottom of an empty container. It’s amazing what a little prep time can do for your physically and mentally when you’re growing a human life.  

What is you’re weekly workout routine?
I have always preferred exercise to be the biggest part of my healthy living as opposed to diet. So, my weekly schedule really reflects that. I am a sucker for strength training and do my best to mask cardio any way I can. Prior to being pregnant, I exercised 4 to 5 times per week, for about an hour at a time. I like to switch things up between barre classes, tabata-style bootcamps, good ol’ free weights, yoga, and swimming. 

What has your workout routine during pregnancy looked like? Do you still work out the same as before you were pregnant?
Honestly, my workout routine closely mirrored my eating patterns! During my first trimester, I was more exhausted than I thought was humanly possible. I did exercise a handful of times, but these workouts were gentle. I went for yoga and a great DVD set by Tracy Anderson called The Pregnancy Project. When I hit my second trimester, however, I felt as if I wasn’t pregnant at all! I was leading bootcamp 3 times/week, taking barre classes, and doing yoga in my living room. I really felt like my body and baby were able to thrive during that time. And, now, in my third trimester, it’s a little more hit or miss. Up until the 35 week mark, I was able to go to barre classes 1-2 times/week and still use my Tracy Anderson DVDs. However, as this baby has grown, I have had to listen to my body and really slow things down. I walk A LOT, but that’s about all my growing pelvis can handle at this point. It has truly been a great learning experience! So many mamas-to-be have questions about exercise during pregnancy and, unfortunately, I feel like many are lead to believe that staying active while pregnant is impossible. I want to be an example of the exact opposite! [Here are some more of my thoughts/research on exercising during pregnancy]

What’s the best resource you’ve found for motivation, information, etc on maintaining a healthy lifestyle?
I would be lying if I didn’t say that I have a major girl crush on Gwyneth Paltrow. I bought her first cookbook My Father’s Daughter as soon as it came out a few years ago and have looked to her for delicious, healthy recipes. Her blog GOOP is a great resource as well as her newest cookbook It’s All Good. Beyond my girl GP, I love looking to other bloggers and my handsome husband for advice and motivation to keep the healthy dream alive! 

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  • Daniele, the groupie | 3.14.14 at 1:00 pm

    This is so encouraging and inspiring and I love the series idea. Living healthy is the best and the rewards give so much impulse for more. Thanks for doing this!