Blake and I are finally getting back into the swing of things and the first thing on our to-do list: give the blog a makeover.
You just can’t beat slowing down and soaking up what inspires you.
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I definitely recommend and practice a well-balanced, whole foods diet but I will say, that when you’re trying to lose weight there is only one way to do it, CUT CALORIES. So, if your goal is to lose weight it may help to let go of some of your other focuses and just go old school and count the calories. I’ve found it helps to have the motivation and feel good factor that comes with losing a few pounds quickly, to then jump start a long term healthy eating routine. And for me, when it comes to eating healthy and portion appropriate, I do well with breakfast and lunch time but have a harder time with dinner. Most of us crave a bigger meal in the evening, and it can be hard to find a meal that is low in calories and won’t leave you hungry again in an hour. These are some of my tried and true, satisfying and low calorie dinner time recipes.

Skinny Spinach Lasagna


Pan Seared Salmon Citrus Salad


Quinoa Fiesta Enchilada Bake


Roasted Carrot Wrap

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At the beginning of each year, I typically get the itch to change up my hair. Whether it’s the color or a quick chop, a new hair style can add a fresh, fashion forward feel to your overall look. This year the bob has made its come back. The longer bob is the new trend in hair this season, giving a modern edge to a classic look. The Beauty Department provides great tips on what to specifically ask your hairstylist if you want this look. The bob works great for most hair types and face shapes, and will give a cool, fresh look for Spring.

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Working out is at the top of most people’s resolution list. It is definitely one of mine, as I’ve not totally gotten back in the swing of things since Jet was born. Part of making work outs both enjoyable and functional is having the right gear and attire. I also lean towards work out clothes that are fashionable enough to run errands before or after the gym. Here are some of my must haves for working out.

1. Bluetooth Headphones & Armband Set – I track my distance/time, listen to music, and talk on the phone all while walking or running. Having a pair of wireless headphones with an armband is a convenient way to take your phone with you on workouts.
2. Fitbit – a fitbit is a great all-encompassing tool to track your weight loss, calories burned, distance walked, and so much more. They even track your sleep which is a huge part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
3. Sneakers – a good pair of sneakers goes a long way. I like a pair like these fashionable New Balances that you’d actually want to wear on a day to day basis. Just wearing sneakers promotes fitness in me, so they’ve become my go to shoe.
4. Yoga Mat & Towel – yoga is my main source of fitness so having a good yoga mat can make or break it. I actually use a yoga towel as well like this one and it really adds stability during my work outs.
5. Ponytail Holders – this may seem like a very simple detail, but nothing annoys me more than having to continuously re-tie my ponytail while working out because the holder isn’t secure. These ponytail holders are awesome for even super thick hair and will keep your pony in place during your entire workout.
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