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Embroidery is an age old technique that designers have be doing for years, and has been seen on and off again on the runway. It usually always makes some sort of appearance during the spring and summer months, but this year it. is. everywhere. From shorts to maxi’s, embroidered anything and everything is what you want to be wearing. Definitely on trend for summer 2015!

1. Tribal Embroidered Skirt 2.Embroidered Cropped Tube 3.Embroidered Tunic 4. Embroidered Ikat Dress 5. Embroidered Stitchtake Dress 6.Embroidered Tassel Gauze Skirt

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I don’t normally pay close attention to trends in interior design, as I tend to lean more to keeping a clean, minimal look to our home. But, I have been searching for a few new pieces as we move into a new house this month, and I am loving the rattan trend! Once big in the 60’s and 70’s, rattan furniture and home goods are back and hotter than ever. Check your local vintage or antique store for original pieces, or check out these finds from our favorite shops.

1. Wall Shelf 2. Susila Ottoman 3. Pari Rattan Chair 4. Woven Rattan Tray 5. Planter 6. Circular Hanging Chair 7. Holmsel Chair 8. Circle Shelf

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We were just at a friends house over the weekend and she made the most amazing blueberry cobbler. It got me thinking about how special it is to receive a delicious, homemade something sweet at the end of a meal. When it comes to entertaining, I focus so much on the main part of the meal, dessert is usually an afterthought for me if a thought at all. But, I really want to make it more of a focus and take advantage of all the amazing fruit that is in season right now! Most of the recipes are pretty simple, my only tip is, to buy the fruit components from a local organic vendor if possible. It will make all the difference in the world!

Strawberry Shortcake


Ina Garten’s Lemon Bars


Grilled Peaches with Ice Cream


Blueberry Cobbler


Strawberry Pie

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We are thoroughly enjoying summer being in full swing! Lots of travel, beach days and family time are what we’ve been up to lately.

Evening chats and watching cars.
Soaking in a beautiful Charleston morning with a stroll.
P is becoming quite the little momma… learning all the tricks from Dana.
Sweet family beach pic during the perfect Memorial Day weekend.
Pool days are the best days and this kid can’t get enough.
Strawberry picking!
Starting our mornings with fresh smoothies is a perfect quick fix for mom’s on the go.
Donuts at the beach… dreams do come true!
Enjoying the next couple of weeks visiting family in VA. Jet loves stacking rocks and exploring his gampi’s garden.

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