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Fraser Moss and Jimmy Collins started YMC, “You Must Create”, back in ’95 with the inspiration of literally creating their own style. With a heavy tom-boy aesthetic, you know Blake and I fell in love at first glance. In starting YMC, Moss and Collins, aimed for “modern, functional clothing which eschew trends in favour of understated, wearable style,” and I think they did just that. YMC are creating timeless yet modern looks for men and women each season, offering something fresh to the fashion-minded without compromising the longevity and lifetime of a piece.

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I. Love. This. Brand. The brainchild of Tara St. James, Study New York is a sustainable brand focused on pairing beautiful design with ethical materials and production. Not only a designer, Tara also has a ton of teaching and lecturing experience concentrated on corporate social responsibility and supply chain and has even lectured at Parsons. She has done a tremendous amount of research on sustainability in fashion and how to make ethical decisions, and continues to strive for more knowledge on the subject as she practices what she preaches. Study design is never compromised for sustainability, but rather enhanced by her passion for both the process and the finished product, making this label unique by having collaborations with global artisans such as partnering with local alpaca producers in Peru for her knitwear line. I love her twist on the classic chambray, especially the tonal shirtdress and the sheepskin shoe collaboration with Taller Nu, a Mexico-based company that pays local women living wages. From shoes to home goods to outerwear and ready-to-wear, Tara’s adept hand, and artistry, not to mention her degree in Menswear Tailoring, can be seen in each and every piece.

Written via Guest Contributor, Aynsley Younker
Images via Study NY

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Blake doing some adventuring and exploring in the city of Greenville.
Two of my dearest friends came to visit this weekend and it was so good for my soul.
Porter has decided she’s into ballet, found her like this when I walked outside the other day.
A little pre-bedtime reading.
Jet, the cutest post-bath lion.
Slip on’s and ripped denim, my summer uniform.
Porter washing Ruby’s hair, sister bath time bonding.
Popcorn and a movie, help make the perfect at home date night.
A going away party for some of Blake’s closest friends.

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With the weather warming up and the sun out, I’ve got one thing on my mind, the beach. I’ve been checking out the new swimwear for this season and fell in love with these halter style swim suits. 90’s inspired halters were all over the runway in recent seasons, and it’s finally flooded into swimwear. I am just a TINY bit obsessed with this trend. So stylish, tomboy-ish and practical I don’t know what there is to not be obsessed with? And don’t worry, high-waisted bottoms, one-pieces and rash guards haven’t gone away for summer 2015.

Suboo Hybrid Peony Sleeveless Rashie Bikini // Rainbow Plume Racerback Top // Marysia Scalloped One-Piece // Pandora Suit // Rikki Top

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