Wow… what an amazing, restful, food induced coma couple of weeks we’ve had! Hope the holidays treated you well, as they were so enjoyed by Dana & myself! Here is a snapshot of what we were up to on our time off…

Annual gingerbread house making with my niece & nephew.
Dana & I loved hosting a holiday party at Madewell before heading out to enjoy Christmas with our families!
Dana & Jake took a little getaway to Park City and enjoyed a few days on the slopes.
Porter loves her BFF Sophia! #twinsies
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Here are some pictures from our little Christmas party with Madewell last week! We had SUCH a good time enjoying holiday cocktails and treats, helping friends shop for new festive clothes and gifts and doing a little shopping ourselves. It’s impossible to spend a few hours in the store and not come up with a long wish list!

We hope you all are looking forward to lots of Christmas festivities next week. I will be in TN with my hubby’s family and Blake, in Atlanta with her family and we will most definitely be doing a lot of eating and a lot of relaxing :). We’re taking next week off to enjoy our friends and family so we’ll see you guys in the New Year! Have an amazing Holiday week!

P.S. Madewell has SO many great gift options in case you’re still on the hunt for Christmas presents. FYI.

Photography (Morgan Blake)

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Not that it’s hard to find adorable gifts for baby but just in case you needed some ideas, here are my picks for the sweet little guys and girls in your life!

1. Safari Jumble Wood Puzzle 2. Sad Santa by Tad Carpenter 3. Lined Winter High Top Sneaker 4. Luigi the Frog 5. Checked Coat with Hood 6. Baby Hat Beanie in Upcycled Wool



7. First Tea Set 8. Tall Day Hike Booties 9. Baby Cache Coeur 10. Paris Puzzle 11. Baby Nina Skirt 12. Baby Lip & Cheek Balm

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Here’s some of our favorite holiday things we’ll be enjoying over Christmas weekend….

the twinkle of Christmas lights.
cuddling with loved ones.
small meaningful gifts.
styling the Christmas tree.
homemade hot chocolate.
bundling up with a blanket and cozy socks.

Merry Christmas from the Cultured Blog! We hope you’re Christmas is full of your favorite holiday things!!

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