We had the best holiday break and are excited for what’s in store for 2015! Here’s what we were up to over the holidays…

Jet started walking on his 10 months birthday!
Dana’s go to’s for the start of 2015 on a rainy Saturday.
Story time with Dana on Christmas Eve.
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Merry Christmas from our families to yours!

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We are so ready and excited for Christmas! Here’s some of our festive recent happenings…

Blake got this awesome new camera as an early Christmas present!
My friend Susanna is starting an eco-friendly line for mom’s and babies, and gave me one of her first pieces to try out. It’s a scarf that also works amazingly as a nursing cover and I love it.
I adore this girl and how snuggly she is all the time. Read more…

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If you’re anything like me this season, you are navigating through the numerous Christmas party invites, debating the “dress code” so vaguely included on the card… what does “festive attire” really mean? Christmas parties, are however, a great chance to get out your sparkle and that cute LBD you’ve been dying to wear. Here are a few of our favorite party appropriate dresses for this season.

1. Pleat Jumpsuit 2. Lace Jumpsuit 3. Cut Out Dress 4. Beaded Shift Dress 5. Floral Lace Dress 6. Tulip Dress 7. Sequined Striped Dress

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