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With each new year comes many new trends in fashion. Some last longer than others, and this one made it’s appearance in 2014 and is here to stay. The “it” shoe for 2015 is the flat… sneakers, oxfords, you name it… the flat is the go to shoe of the year. And to fit the bill, brands like J.Crew & Madewell are collaborating with some of our favorite sneaker brands like Nike and New Balance for the perfect fashion forward yet comfortable shoe. The sneaker and oxford are the perfect accessory for the tomboy look we love. Here are a few of our favorite neutral flats for the season that will work perfect with just about any look.

1. Saucony Shadow Sneakers 2. Vans Hi-Top Sneaker 3. Cali In Miga 4. Nike Vintage Sneakers 5. Monk Strap Sneakers 6. Mother Suede Grey 7. Converse Hi-Top Sneaker 8. New Balance Running Sneaker

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Life lately…

Jet turned 9 months old right before Thanksgiving and each day is more amazing than the one before. He’s learning so much every day and I am so enjoying this season we are in.
A sweet family pic of Dana’s family at the beach for Thanksgiving.
Jet testing out this new bath tub. He is a huge fan.
Dana hosted an intimate dinner with close friends for my 30th birthday. Jet had to stay up and be a part of the party.
One of my favorite centerpieces from our Thanksgiving tablescape post.
An early morning piano lesson with Jake & P.
A birthday present to myself. Loving the new collab with J.Crew and Nike. They are perfect for moms on the go.
An outtake from our Christmas card shoot.
Dana & P enjoying some chilly beach days during Thanksgiving vacation.

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I’ve always loved working out but it became an even bigger part of my life after I had Porter. I was SO ready to lose the weight I gained from my pregnancy and my workouts became my consistent alone, “Dana time” during days filled with newborn demands. It was a way for me to clear my head and get some energy to take on the rest of the day. Jake got me a Nike watch and a heart rate sensor strap as a gift soon after I had Porter because I wanted some motivation to Read more…

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