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I know this is quite a pace change from all of the boots and cold weather things we’ve been looking at these days, but I just fell in love with this perfect spring line and had to share. It’s Michael Kors RTW Spring 2015 line and it’s so simple, chic and girly without all the cheesy-ness. There is a consistent theme of florals throughout the line and many of the looks have a beautiful vintage feel to them. The color choices, mostly yellow, navy, black and white, are nothing new, Read more…

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This DIY is so easy I’m not even sure it’s fair to call it a DIY. You only need one thing to make these headbands: a vintage (also known as, a scarf from the thrift store) scarf. The size that works best, especially if you’re making one for a baby, is 1919 inches. This size was also perfect for the headwraps I made for myself but if you find a scarf that you like and it’s bigger that will most likely work for an adult headwrap as well. If you want your headwrap to be thicker and wider you may want to get a bigger scarf to work with. So here’s how I made a vintage headwrap for myself and Porter! Read more…

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There is just a beauty about vintage pieces that I adore.  My favorite ways to incorporate vintage loveliness into life is through decor.  I love mixing the old with the new, vintage with modern trends.  I love how vintage pieces add history and warmness to a room!  I’m also a sucker for clothing lines that draw inspiration from an earlier era. The thoughtfulness of what’s flattering on a women’s body today combined with the classiness of what was worn in years past makes for a gorgeous balance.  Lauren Moffatt is definitely one of my favorite clothing designers that creates vintage inspired lines!

Photo Cred:: Vogue Italia, sources unknown, Axe Society

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I love it when designers find unique ways to make great looking products that are also full of meaning and purpose. Christine Shirley is based out of Pennsylvania and has a found an adorable way to bring memories of the past and vintage style and turn it into one stunning product! She specializes in custom services and encourages ideas like using your grandmother’s hanky or any type of fabric that has been passed down in your family or holds special meaning, to make one of these pretty clutches. I just love the concept! Recycling and reusing old materials and a fashionable way to carry on family traditions and history. What a great wedding gift these would make!

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