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My friend Dana is an amazing women who started an amazing business, Other People’s Property.  Beside carrying vintage clothing amazingness (you can check out her full shop here), I absolutely love what Dana is doing with OPP because she has committed to running a business that gives back to communities around the world in a foundational way.  OPP believes in giving generously to non-profs and sustainable communities in from the funds they make.  They are also working to educate and provide resources for consumers to recycle their clothing and reduce the crazy amount of waste we create everyday. Pretty awesome. Dana is showing the world it’s possible to be socially conscious, extremely generous and still, seriously fashionable.

Hear more from Dana about all the awesomeness going on at OPP and check out this video of Dana in action! :)

What was your initial inspiration to start OPP?

Well to be honest, it was started in confusion (for me at least). I really love people, I REALLY love fashion/creativity & I love missions and building into sustainable communities. So I didn’t really know how to merge the three, thus OPP was formed. It was something that gave me an opportunity to be Read more…

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