We’ve been running around lately trying to get everything ready for Christmas and I cannot believe it’s only 2 weeks away. Here’s some snapshots of the busyness!

Some pretty flowers we used for our holiday tablescape shoot a few weeks back. They lasted almost 2 weeks! Read more…

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I hope you guys have missed us as much as we’ve missed posting!  The last couple months have been crazy for both Natalia and I (hence our hiatus) but man have we missed blogging and we are so stoked to be back at it.  I hope you all have found other ways to keep yourselves inspired and super stylish. ;)  We’ve had a ton going on in our crazy little lives so in case you’re interested, I’ll fill you in on the past two months…Natalia has been one busy lady planning her wedding (which is only like 3 months away?!) and graduating college (no big deal) AND getting accepted to grad school!  And I am, well…PREGNANT!!!!!!!!! Read more…

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Well, today is me and Jake’s one year anniversary.  I can’t believe it’s already been a year…One full of meaningful mornings together, late nights pursuing our dreams, exploring beautiful parts of the world, and just living day to day life. Thinking about this past year I am so full of gratitude and overwhelmed with emotion. Jake is the biggest earthly blessing the Lord has ever given me and after one year of marriage all I really have to say is, I am so in love with my husband.  :)

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